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For those who would like more information on models covered in this book or would like information on never models as well, a collectors club can be an additional source of information for the Matchbox enthusiast. The following clubs can help you through their newsletters which are published are either quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope when writing to the clubs for information.

Para quienes deseen más información sobre los modelos que se tratan en este libro o si desean obtener información sobre modelos nunca, un club de coleccionistas puede ser una fuente adicional de información para los entusiastas de Matchbox. Los siguientes clubes pueden ayudarlo a través de sus boletines de noticias que se publican trimestralmente, bimensualmente o mensualmente. Envíe un sobre con su dirección y estampillas cuando escriba a los clubes para obtener más información.


Founded in 1977, this club offers a monthly publication with the being the author of this book. Whrite to: Matchbox USA, 62 Saw Mill Rd, Durham, CT 06422. On t in the web at www.ChalieMack or email

American International Matchbox

Founded in 1970 by Harold Colpitts, this monthly newsletter folded this monthly newsletter folded as of May 2001.

Pennsylvania Matchbox Collectors Club,

Founded in 1980, this monthly newsletter and club offers to those basically in the Pennsylvania area but membership is open to all Matchbox collectors. Write to: Mike Appel, 1161 Perry St., Reading, PA 19604

Bey Area Matchbox Collectors Club

Founded in 1977, this club is open to Bay area, California collectors. Contact: BAMCA, Box 1534, San Jose, CA 95109

Chesapeake Miniature Vehicle Collators Club

Founded 197. This club is devoted to the collecting of all miniature cars.

Illinois Matchbox Collector Club

Founded in 1996 manly for for collectors in state of Illinois, Contact: Tom Saritto, 681 Paxton Place, Carol Stearm, Il 60188. On the web at http:\\\jstmtchbx\mdm.html

Matchbox Forum

Founded in 1988 as mainly an internet club although a printed newsletter is also available. Contact: John Yannouzas, 7 North Bigelow Rd., Hampton, CT 06247. On the web at http:\\

Matchbox Northwest Collector Club

Founded at the end of 1998, this club is mainly directed at collectors in the Pacific Northwest USA. Contact: Tom Larson, 1832 NE 25th Place, Renton, WA 98056

UK Matchbox

Founded in 1977, this club in 1985. The club newsletters, if you are able to get copies, are a wealth of information. The editor was Ray bush.